Is drinking alcohol or using opiate drugs consuming your life? How many times have you stopped only to start again? If you’re ready to quit, there is real hope, from SoberLifeUSA!

The key to combating alcohol and opiate addictions is eliminating the physical cravings. At SoberLifeUSA we offer a one-time, outpatient medical procedure that can literally turn off the craving within hours. With the FDA approved medication Naltrexone, cravings become a minimal distraction so all your energy and attention can be focused on your road to recovery. This procedure, in conjunction with addiction recovery counseling, has been proven to help people stop the cycle of addiction.

From screening, to treatment, to post-procedure counseling, SoberLifeUSA is with you every step of the way. It’s time to get your life back! If you’re ready to get serious, we have serious help for you.