Take Charge!  

  • How long have you wanted to stop drinking?
  • How many times have you stopped, only to start again?
  • How many promises have you broken?

Benefits of SoberLifeUSA  


Is consuming alcohol consuming you?  If you’re ready to quit, there is now real hope, and real help, from SoberLifeUSA!

At SoberLifeUSA we take the craving away!  The key to combating your addiction is eliminating your physical craving for alcohol. SoberLifeUSA offers a one-time, outpatient medical procedure that can literally turn off your craving for alcohol. This FDA approved medication reduces your craving for alcohol within hours.

Our addiction specialists work together to free you from alcohol, so you can have your life and family back. From screening to treatment to post care, SoberLifeUSA is with you every step of the way.  It’s time you call the shots with SoberLifeUSA!  If you’re ready to be serious, we have serious help for you.

Call 1-855-4LIFEUSA.  That’s 1-855-454-3387

At SoberLifeUSA, we take the craving away!




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