Alcohol is one of the most readily-available and abused drug in America. What’s worse is it affects all age groups regardless of status or upbringing. If taken moderately, study shows that alcohol can protect adults from developing heart disease, however, too much intake- whether on a single occasion or on a long term basis- has some serious consequences that can’t be ignored.
These are:

  • Brain functions are altered so alcohol dependents are moody and uncoordinated
  • Heart issues arise like Cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias, stroke and hypertension
  • Liver problems are also reported such as Steatosis (or fatty liver), Alcoholic Hepatitis, Fibrosis or Cirrhosis.
  • Alcohol also has the ability to produce substances that are toxic to the pancreas which will eventually lead to pancreatitis
  • It also increases the person’s risk to develop certain forms of cancer like cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver or even breast
  • Our immune system is also compromised with alcohol abuse as it lowers our body’s ability to cope with certain diseases like pneumonia or tuberculosis

With these, alcohol abuse can also affect interpersonal skills with peers and family and decreases the person’s self-worth.
The person’s decision to seek treatment should start with choosing a rehab center among other rehab centers that offer various treatment methods. The person or his loved ones should choose a rehab that can cater not only to his treatment but also foster and reestablish broken relationships that have been affected with his addiction.
SoberLife USA can help you with that. Located in Fountain Valley, the facility boasts of its unique outpatient treatment procedure uncommon to other rehabs. Employing a minimally-invasive procedure of transplanting Naltrexone, an FDA-approved drug, the person’s cravings are reduced or completely eliminated within hours of the implantation. SoberLife USA takes into account the safety of the implantation so we have surgeons who are board-certified to perform the procedure. You’ll walk out of our facility free from your alcohol cravings and free to go about your daily routine- minus the alcohol.
Removing the cravings though should be coupled with recovery counseling to maintain sobriety so SoberLife USA also employs certified counselors to work with the recovering person to prevent relapse and to cope with emotions unknown or foreign to him as a sober person.
Rehab Centers can be intimidating but SoberLife USA will cast all your fears, doubts and cravings away. Give us a call at 1-800-590-1989 or visit our Contact Us page to find out more about our treatment procedures. We service areas within California such as Fountain Valley, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego. Get in Touch Now!