SoberLife USA offers a medical solution to opiate and alcohol addiction. Visit our outpatient clinic and take the cravings away with a Naltrexone Implant.

A major key to combating addiction is eliminating the physical cravings for opiates and alcohol. SoberLife USA offers an outpatient medical procedure that can literally turn off the craving for these addictions. This FDA approved medication greatly reduces or even eliminates your craving within hours. This procedure, in conjunction with addiction recovery counseling, has been proven to help people to stop the cycle of addiction.

SoberLife USA's outpatient treatment services extend to Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, and beyond. We have many patients come from all over the United States to get our treatment. To find out more, get in touch by visiting our contact us page and filling out the form. Or call us at 1-800-590-1989.

Most PPO insurances are accepted. Contact us to check if we can accept yours.