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SoberLife USA offers Advanced Medical Opiate Detox, a safe and effective procedure, completed in 8 hours while the patient is asleep. We also offer long lasting opiate blockers in the form of a Naltrexone Implant or Vivitrol injection. These have been proven to be an effective tool in treating opiate and alcohol addiction. In many cases, we combine both procedures to give a complete medical solution to opiate addiction

Our Advanced Medical Detox is a unique, patent pending, procedure to detox patients from Opiates in 8 hours while they sleep. When the patient wakes up there is virtually no withdrawal, no sickness, and no pain. They are completely medically detoxed while they sleep, never having to go through the terrible processes of "kicking" from opiates.

The next step after detox is dealing with the cravings. Natrexone Therapy works wonders to greatly reduce or even eliminate cravings for opiates within hours. Naltrexone is an opiate blocker and antagonist. It parks itself into the opiate receptors in the brain. Filling those receptors with Naltrexone takes away the cravings. If someone with Naltrexone in their system were to use opiates they can't even feel the effects. Knowing they can't get high stops most addicts from even trying. Its a great tool to help addicts in recovery. Naltrexone also gives some protection from overdosing, except in the case of extreme amounts.

This procedure, in conjunction with addiction recovery counseling, has been proven to help people to stop the cycle of addiction.

PPO insurance is accepted for our Detox and Naltrexone. Contact us to check your benefits.