Sober Life USA is try to combat addiction with a Medical approach. We offer Rapid Medical Detox and the Naltrexone Pellet for Opiate and Alcohol Addiction.

Is using opiates or drinking alcohol consuming you? How many times have you stopped only to start again? If you're ready to quit, there is real hope.

Sober Life USA is using a Medical Approach to treat addiction. We offer a Rapid Medical Detox for opiate and heroin addiction. The processes of "kicking" that normally take 7 to 10 days is accomplished in 1 day while under anesthesia. When the patient wakes up they are no longer physically addicted and there are no more symptoms of withdraw. While under anesthesia we also implant the Naltrexone Pellet to greatly diminish and hopefully stop the cravings for opiates. Naltrexone is the same drug as Vivitrol but instead of an injection which last only 1 month, the pellet can last up to 6 months. We continue to monitor our patient's Naltrexone levels and in most cases recommend getting a new pellet once the old one is wearing off. We recommend continuing this treatment for up to 18 months. The Naltrexone Implant is also used to treat alcohol Addiction.


If you, a family member, or friend has a drinking problem, you are not alone. One in six people in the United States has a drinking problem. An estimated 6.6 million children under 18 live in households with at least one alcoholic parent.

Opiate Addiction


Opiates reduce the intensity of pain signals reaching the brain. Whether its Heroin, Oxycontin, Methadone, Vicodin, or Percocet these euphoria type drugs can become very addictive and destructive to your wellbeing and health.