Detox from Opiates in 8 hours, while you sleep

SoberLife USA has partnered with Dr. Thomas Yee, the creator and pioneer of our "Advance Medical Detox" program.  People fly from all over the country to have this procedure done with Dr. Yee.  He is a triple Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Addiction, and Pain Medicine Doctor.  He has performed this procedure over 580 times with great success and no adverse events or negative outcomes.  A few other facilities claim to have a similar detox but their procedure is nothing like ours.  Dr. Yee's procedure is a one of a kind patent pending procedure that truly is safe and effective.  Instead of it taking 5 to 7 days to detox from heroin or opiates the traditional way, our detox is accomplished in 8 hours while the patient is asleep.  They wake up completely physically detoxed with virtually no withdrawal.  In most cases, we combine this procedure with a Vivitrol injection or a Naltrexone implant to provide a powerful tool that greatly aids in addiction recovery and success.

If you are serious about ending addiction to Opiates, do yourself a favor and call us now.  Don’t go through the pain and sickness of normal detox.  Instead, detox in 8 hours while you sleep.  When you wake up the physical side effects of addiction will be over.  No sickness and no withdrawal.

  • PPO insurance accepted

  • Medical financing available

  • Call for Self-pay price