Advanced Medical Detox yesterday

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Just wanted to share another success story.  We had a patient fly out from Florida to get our Advanced Medical Detox.  He was a heroin IV user for over 10 years.  It started with prescription Oxycontin after a severe car accident.  After years of taking that medication the doctor cut him off and then he went to the streets to find opiates.  He says he can’t believe he went to the streets and started using heroin like the drug addicts he used to look down on.  He never thought that would happen to him but the addiction was too powerful.  He flew in Monday at 10pm, start the detox procedure at 7am Tuesday, and was in the post op recovery room by 3pm.   I spoke to him after he woke up and aside from being a bit tired he feels fine.  I asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how much withdrawal is he feeling and he said “zero.”  He is staying at our recovery home until Thursday when he will come back to get a 6 month Naltrexone Implant.

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