Curtailing Opiate, Alcohol Cravings at Orange County Treatment Centers

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When you are suffering from mild trauma like a slight headache or muscular throbbing, a pain reliever, such as aspirin or Ibuprofen, can be purchased over the counter to make you feel better, but if the pain is acute, your doctor may have to endorse something a lot stronger – a prescription opioid. These are medications that act on the nervous system in order to relieve pain.


They do this by reducing the intensity of pain signals that reach the brain and affect those areas which control emotion, thereby diminishing the resulting effects and response of a painful stimulus. Some of the most common types include hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet), morphine (Avinza), codeine, and related drugs. All well and good considering the amount of pain the patient may have had to endure, the only problem is knowing when to stop.

This has always been the genesis of all drug-related restrictions because continued use eventually leads to abuse, which can result in physical dependence and addiction. If the patient tries to stop, he or she could face severe bouts of withdrawal symptoms, which can be extremely uncomfortable and can only be relieved by taking even more opiates.

Some Orange County treatment centers like Sober Life USA offer a revolutionary FDA-approved treatment option that can effectively combat opiate cravings and keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay. After the preliminary medical examinations, doctors implant a tiny pellet of Naltrexone under the patient’s skin, which effectively blocks the brain’s opiate receptors, so that if he tries to use any kind of opiate, he cannot feel its usual euphoric effects because the receptors are blocked.

This treatment is also effective for alcohol addiction, so unlike other alcohol treatment centers in Orange County, CA that integrate steps programs to get on the road to recovery, some treatment centers effectively focus and address the cravings, which when they come on, should be able to diminish within hours. The goal is for the treatment to rid the cravings completely, and avoid relapses.

If you can’t resist the dangerous succor of opiates or alcohol, this procedure may just be the most suitable option for you. The problem with addiction is that the body in addiction will require ever higher doses of the substance, just to experience the same level of euphoria and relief.

The human body is designed to maintain its homeostasis and keep the balance among its parts. With substance abuse, it’s only a matter of time before the drugs or alcohol begin taking their toll on the body in the form of depression, mental disorders, organ failure, and increased risk of brain damage.


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