Detox from Methadone

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We have a wonderful success story to share.  The detox was done yesterday.  This patient is a successful realtor that came to use from out of state.  He was a methadone user for many years.  He worked with Dr. Yee and his local pain management doctor to switch from Methadone to a Fentanyl patch for 8 weeks to get the methadone out of his system.  Then he came to our surgery center to get the 8 hour advanced medical detox.  Today I spoke with him about the experience and how he is feeling now.  He is amazed that he is “finally done with opiates.”  This is the first day he is “opiate free in over 4 years.”  On scale of 1 to 10 for how much withdrawal he is feeling he is reporting a “1”.  Usually the we get the answer of zero but since he was on methadone for years a 1 is acceptable and he is fine with it too.  He received a Vivitrol injection during his detox procedure and he plans to come back in 3 weeks to get a 6 month Naltrexone implant.

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