Detox of female from Pennsylvania

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We just did another Advanced Medical Detox.  This patient is a house wife from Pennsylvania.  She has chronic back pain, has had 3 spinal surgeries, and uses a walker.  She flew in with her husband, did our 8 hour detox, and is doing great.  Her husband didn’t think she would ever get off opiates but she wanted to do it for her kids.  She knows that she will likely have residual pain to deal with but wants to deal with it without opiates.  She was using a Fentanyl patch for the past 5 years. After the detox she reports no withdrawal and feeling good except for a little depression.  Depression is common after opiate addiction and may take months to years to heal.  We have recommended her seeing a psychiatrist when she returns home for help with depression.  Despite that issue she is extremely glad that she has her “life back.”

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