Helping A Problem Drinker Get Into Alcohol Rehab: A Few Handy Tips

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One of the hardest things anyone could go through is convincing an alcoholic loved one to get proper care and treatment in a rehab facility. An alcoholic cannot be forced to seek treatment, and there’s no guarantee that they will be receptive at all to the idea once it is given to them. The longer they are left to their own devices, however, the bigger the propensity for them to destroy their lives more.


Concerned loved ones need not wait for a drastic turn of events, though, before they move to help their alcoholic loved ones. There are strategies anyone can try to convince an alcoholic to seek treatment in qualified alcohol rehab centers in or around Los Angeles, like Sober Life USA.

Determining the Right Approach

You can do either of two things: be hard on them or give them unbridled love and care. The first option will need you to be strong-willed, even to the point of cutting off your support (financial, emotional, or physical by removing them from your house) unless they will agree to get treated. The possible drawback of this is that the alcoholic will only return the anger and further isolate from you, thereby making you more unable to access them.

The other one will have you showering them with TLC (tender loving care) to the point that they will be so guilt-ridden for making you go through this obstacle that they would want to get better just so they won’t hurt you anymore. The danger of this, however, is that it can easily cross the threshold of coddling or enabling. As caring as you can be, it’s still important that you are able to draw the line somewhere, otherwise, you yourself will only help in perpetuating the abuse for longer.

The Importance of Timing

Timing the personal intervention is also key to its success. If the persuasion is done while the alcoholic is in a drunken stupor, then the efforts will be in vain. However, waiting for the person to calm down can also reduce the chances of convincing them, too, as they can easily go back into denial.

Most experts recommend that concerned loved ones do a pep talk or raise the topic of entering rehab after a moment of stress and distress that could have been brought about or exacerbated by the drinking, such as an argument in the family, for example.

If all else fails, then calling a professional should be the next option. As concerned loved ones, it is your duty to do everything you can to finally get them the help they need by getting the appropriate treatment in a local Orange County alcohol rehab center.


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