Naltrexone, an FDA approved drug, has been used by patients suffering from addiction for over 30 years. Numerous studies have confirmed its efficacy in reducing the frequency and severity of relapsing alcohol and opiate use. It works by simply blocking the endorphin receptors in the brain to help mitigate the cravings.

Traditionally this treatment has been taken orally but has found little success as patients find it difficult to adhere to the ongoing daily schedule of intake. As a result, fluctuations of the cravings continue to swing (often times even with more severity) making recovery nearly impossible. The compounded Naltrexone implant was designed to curb that problem.

The biodegradable implant is safely inserted just beneath the skin, most commonly in the lower abdominal area by a board certified trained surgeon. Once completed, the Naltrexone is slowly released into the body over a period of time determined by each patient’s rate of recovery (anywhere from 3 – 12 months in most cases). This simple procedure takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete with patients often reporting a decrease in cravings within the first couple of hours.

What makes this treatment unique is the ability to go about ones daily life shortly after the procedure, eliminating the social stigmas of addiction. But the road to recovery does not end here, patients will still need to seek therapy or a 12-step program to assist with the adjustment process of returning to a rehabilitated state. SoberLifeUSA will help with selecting the appropriate counseling or recovery program that’s right for you.

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