Rapid Detox

Detox from Opiates in 8 hours while you sleep.

Sober Life USA has partnered with Dr. Yee to make available Rapid Detox in Orange County.  People have flown from all over the country to get this procedure.  Dr. Yee is a triple Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Addiction Doctor, and Pain Medicine Doctor.  He has pioneered a rapid detox procedure that he has performed over 500 times with great success and no negative outcomes.  Many other facilities claim to have rapid detox but they throw that term around loosely.  Dr. Yee's procedure is a one of a kind patent pending procedure and truly is Rapid Detox.  Instead of it taking 3 to 7 days to detox from heroine or opiates the traditional way, Rapid Detox is done in 8 hours while the patient is asleep.  They wake up completely detoxed with no withdraws and no sickness.  In many cases we couple this procedure with a Vivitrol injection or Naltrexone implant to take the cravings away and aid in addiction recovery.

We are the only facility in the Country doing this one of a kind procedure.  Many others claim to have rapid detox but their programs are much different and are either painful, leave the patient sick, or they take several days instead of hours so they are not really rapid.

If you are serious about detoxing from Opiates, do yourself a favor and call us to consult with Dr. Yee and to get his one of a kind procedure.  We have had nothing but great outcomes and happy clients.  Detox in 8 hours while you sleep and when you wake up its over.  No sickness and no withdraw.

Best of all PPO insurance is accepted!

Call for the cash price.