Sobering Up with Help from DUI Rehab at Orange County Treatment Center

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The battles with the bottle can mess up a person’s life in so many ways. Whether you’re a celebrity or an ordinary citizen, being caught for DUI can leave a nasty mark on your public record that can affect future opportunities, thus a need to seek rehab to end the cycle. Such was the issue with actor John Stamos, who underwent treatment following a recent arrest for DUI.

Sobering Up with Help from DUI Rehab at Orange County Treatment Center

According to People magazine, Stamos was caught while driving erratically on Beverly Hills on June 12, 2015. The police revealed that he already had a medical condition, which did not warrant a field sobriety test. However, it resulted in him being confined at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

Orange County locals will relate with the Full House mainstay’s plight. Local statistics claim that around 13,000 people are nabbed for DUI within the OC, and ten cities in the county are the most notorious in California for DUIs that result in injuries or fatalities. If your loved one has had drinking problems with DUIs that result in some bad scrapes with the law, check them in at treatment centers like Sober Life USA.

Certain bouts of drinking may give clues behind their origins once the patient is able to sit down with a preferred treatment specialist.  A source hinted that Stamos’ behavior at the time of the arrest, for example, is connected to despondency after his mother passed away in September 2014.

In treating alcohol dependencies, the rehab process usually involves using chemically safe methods to induce the body to shake off the desire to drink. Although oral medication is one of the recommended methods, there are situations where the patient may explain that they forgot their meds somewhere. A preferred treatment specialist may use an implant that is designed to be put in a secure place somewhere in the body where it can easily dissolve in the bloodstream.

Some alcohol rehab cases can require a rigid home-stay rehab program to further help in the recovery after the initial treatment at the center. The counselling will be done over the phone or a secure Skype connection.

Giving in to alcohol addiction can quickly lead to loss of control over one’s life. Combatting it, however, all boils down to adequate care and willpower to break that habit. Alcohol treatment centers in San Diego and Orange County can push in the right direction.



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