Submitting to an Orange County Rehab Program for a Heroin OD Episode

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Heroin is one of the more commonly accessible banned substances, and sometimes taking in excessive amounts lead to a fatal conclusion. What if a person with a heroin addiction overdosed and nearly died from binging? There may be no choice but to put them in rehab for a chance to get their lives back, as a teenager from St. Louis, MO was able to do, according to a NewsOK report.

Submitting to an Orange County Rehab Program for a Heroin OD Episode

According to the news, the teen was found lying down after a party in early March 2015, where he consumed a mix of Xanax and heroin. The cocktail was enough to render him out for several hours; hospital doctors warned of the possibility he could be a vegetable because the drug sapped the brain of too much oxygen. He already OD’ed on heroin twice before, but no major damage to the organs were fortunately found then.

Orange County residents have much to be concerned about loved ones being addicted to dangerous drugs such as heroine. Several mothers in the OC were even recently trained to administer drugs that can keep an overdose-struck person alive long enough for paramedics to be called in for emergency treatment. This is in light of a recent announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that heroin overdose deaths have “quadrupled” in a decade. When you are worried for your loved one already teetering on the edge from heroin use, call for help from a drug rehabilitation center such as Sober Life USA.

Fighting to Recover

Extensive detailing of the patient’s medical and addiction history is needed to give the rehabilitation attendants enough basis to tailor a custom treatment program on. Part of the process may include being administered a subcutaneous implant that suppresses the craving for the drug. From here, a recovery program can have other important sections to bolster the body functions, such as physical therapy and increased counselling.

You cannot let drugs like heroin make things worse for your loved one than they already are. Treatment at leading Orange County rehab centers like Sober Life USA will give them ample push to break the habit and refocus themselves as productive citizens. Help them stop the addiction today.



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