A Father’s Perspective on His Son’s Addiction

A father shares a personal success story based on the changes seen in his son who went through the Advanced Medical Detox followed later by a long acting Natrexone Pellet implant.


Charlie speaks about his experience receiving the Advanced Medical Detox procedure.

Released from Methadone Mayhem

Advanced Medical Detox helps a patient gain control and break the chain of addiction at SobeLiife USA.

Sober Time Show – Ken’s story

Ken was always the life of the party and relied on alcohol as his social lubricant. Realizing this approach was unsustainable; Ken made the decision to get help. Hear him talk about SoberLifeUSA and the impact it had on his recovery.
Gina is a successful business owner who struggled with alcohol addiction for years. Because so many people depend on her, attending a residential sober living program was not an option. Listen to Gina’s testimonial on how